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Hello! I'm Hugh, a product and systems designer focused on creating solutions for people.

With experience spanning healthcare, education, non-profits, and e-commerce, I bring a diverse perspective to my work. I am currently a Principal Designer at 8th Light, a software consultancy. My expertise lies in designing interfaces, implementing solutions, and driving organizational change for startups and Fortune 100 companies.

recurring themes

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a family gathered by a table, playing with conductive circuits a young child using their finger to play with conductive circuits some motorized wheels against several wires, connected to the bottom of a overturned piano creating sounds in a library Blake, a dancer, on a hill projected with stylized nasdaq tickers and backlit in the dark dancers in formation alongside a stage with giant projection banners a max 8 screen, showing some software that creates visuals from dancer cameras software with an image of a dancer, with their body parts tracked and quantified for reactivity a stage with ripple effects from camera input and optical flow fluid effects