Robot Rauschenberg

We [Colin Mosely & I] started this collaborative of artists in 2015, with the hope to bring artists and scientists together to produce performances, installations, and more. Modeled after the success of the collaborative, E.A.T. [Experiments in Art and Technology], in 1967 by a crew of artists and engineers, including Robert Rauschenberg, Billy Klüver, Fred Waldhauer, and Robert Whitman, we seek to bring together our current technological perspectives and methods to an artistic practice while exploring ideas about human empathy, trauma, and communication.

Our current members are Colin Mosely, Zsofi Valyi-Nagy, Eric Wolinsky, Zoe Stergiannis, Andy Schwartz, and myself.

Video Documentation is currently being edited.

Research: Why Sensitive Plant

We think it's more important than ever to talk about nature at this point in time, considering various rapid declines in biodiversity and the prevalence of monocultures. We, as participants in this technological universe have lost touch with our roots, both literally and figuratively – which led our team to investigate a relatively new and growing field of research around plant communication.

Sensitive Plant [Mimosa pudica] is a well-known plant for its unique rapid movement in response to being touched. Its leaves close quickly in response to danger, and while it's not fully understood why it responds this way, scientists believe it may be to deter herbivores or to dislodge predatory insects.

Research: Plants and Communication

The study of mycelial structures, or networks of mushroom roots connect trees' roots is fairly recent. Trees have been observed to communicate through mycelium by nutrient exchange. There are also other studies showing that plants actually communicate through the air, warning each other of potential threats and adjusting their chemical compositions to combat them.

We use this research to develop our own narratives and to present the science through human stories, with the hope that these stories become encoded into our audiences' lives and stories.

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