Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy

"The Cowboys and Vikings Trilogy is a multimedia performance bringing into question the contemporary reinvention of history.  The historical figures of the “Cowboy” and the “Viking” are dissected and repurposed to challenge societal assumptions about contemporary ideas of masculinity."
[via Erica Mott]

I was fortunate to join this team of artists for two sections of the work. One part as a second camera at our residency at Ragdale in 2015, and currently as Projection Designer for our outdoor, site-specific performances in South Chicago, by these giant walls left over from the steel industry. Upcoming performances on the September 16th and 17th.

Developed and Directed by Erica Mott
Featuring performers Christopher Knowlton, Bryan Saner, Brian Shaw, Carlos Lopez, also with Blake Russell, and Jason Torres Hancock
Composer Ryan Ingebritsen, Arrangement and performance by Emmy Bean, with singers Tobi Mattingly, Christopher Schoen, and Stacy Erenberg
Projection Design by Liviu Pasare and Hugh Sato
Videography by Mark Comisky

A tale of collaborative effort

Cowboys and Vikings is, in the truest sense of the word, awesome. It's work that is so multi-faceted that by the time I even joined the team, I was already learning so much about the amazing power of collaborative effort. In this project, dancers, performing artists, choreography, lights, sound composition, projections, and singing, are all brought together and pushed beyond its capacity to bring the audiences into an immersive environment.

My role, just like all the others in this work, is also multi-faceted. Anywhere from the smallest task to the largest, all of it needs to be done. We love what we do – performers, stage-makers, sound-makers and devisers alike, to push the self and body to do the most, and best work.

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