I offer a wide set of skills, all developed out of a desire to create diverse work. My background in theater and technical artistic production shapes how I approach projects collaboratively. That means using the right tools for the job, and making sure that they’re there when they need to be. Collaboration helps so much in this way, because different walks of life can offer perspective, while driving better empathy and open sharing in a team.

I enjoy bringing disparate skill-sets together to create something that finds the parallels between trades of making, whether it be design, development, 3D modelling, dance, storytelling, projection design, and more. If anything, at the end of the day, I enjoy the time spent building things together, and creating focus in a team by valuing, and bringing everyone’s ideas together.

Design + Media Production

  • UX/UI Design + Testing
    Sketch, Webflow, Omnigraffle
  • Branding and Marketing Materials Illustrator + Photoshop
  • Video editing + Motion Graphics
    Premiere + After Effects
  • Projection Design
  • Space Planning, Exhibit Layout and Concept Design
    Sketchup, Revit, AutoCAD, Sketch


  • Web Development
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP
  • App Development
    Java, Ruby on Rails, some Node.js

Public Speaking

  • Ability to speak comfortably in front of large audiences.


  • Emerging Technologies
    Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, IC's, Sensors, Motorized Systems
  • Motion + Joint Tracking
    Kinect v1 + v2, OptiTrack Sensors + Motive
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